Soul Rep Theatre Company was founded in 1996 to provide opportunities for African-American actors, writers, and directors to develop and share their talent with the Dallas arts community.  From 1995 to 2003, the company grew from a community theater company solely run by volunteers, into a professional company with paid staff and a subscription-based season. Through its productions and numerous educational programs, the company garnered a reputation for artistic excellence and professionalism.

During this time, Soul Rep produced a season of plays that included three main-stage productions, in addition to an Annual New Play Festival and Café/Negro Arts Series.  Soul Rep was the first African-American theater company in the southwest to produce a new play festival that showcased works by emerging and established playwrights across the nation.  The festival featured work written by women, people of color, and youth.  The groundbreaking Café/Negro Arts Series was an annual collaborative project with Cara Mia Theater Company that encouraged artistic exchange between Latino and African-American artists.  

Production History

August 1996                     
First Annual New Play Festival

December 1996  
Allegra Spain (World Premiere) Teatro Dallas’ International Festival

Season One
January 1997                   
Allegra Spain

February 1997                  
Her Stories (adaptation) 

March 1997  
Works of An Underground Mind

April 1997  
 Women In Exile (adaptation)

May 1997  
The Colored Museum

Season Two
August 1997  
Second Annual New Play Festival

October 1997  
SLIM (original production)

December 1997  
Habari Gani (original production) 
February 1998  
Café Negro Arts Series #1 - for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf.

June 1998  
Café Negro Arts Series #2 - Ambient Love Rites

Season Three
August 1998  
Third Annual New Play Festival

November 1998  
The Freedman’s (original production)

December 1998  
Habari Gani (original production) 

February 1999  
Trees Don’t Bleed in Tuskegee  (Southwest Premiere)

May 1999                                             
Legacy: From Renaissance to Revolution (Southwest Premiere)

Season Four
July 1999
4th Annual New Play Festival

November 1999
Breakfast in Harlem

February 2000
Rep Tales (original production)

May 2000
From the Mississippi Delta

June 2000
3rd Annual Café Negro Arts Series - The Trojan Women

Season Five
August 2000  
5th Annual New Play Festival

November 2000
Rhyme Deferred (Performed by the Hip Hop Theater Junction)

February 2001
In The Blood (Southwest Premiere)

May 2001
Purlie Victorious

June 2001

June/July 2001
4th Annual Café/Negro Arts Series - The Hungry Medea (world premiere)

Season Six
August 2001
6th Annual New Play Festival

November 2001
Trane: Beyond the Blues (Southwest Premiere)

February 2002
Birdy Laughing (World Premiere)

May 2002
Blues for An Alabama Sky

Season Seven
August 2002  
7th Annual New Play Festival

November 2002
Hostile the Crocodile/Agitator Alligator (original production)

February 2003
A Soldier’s Play

Season Eight
November 2013
The Freedmans (original production)

July 2014
The 8th Annual New Play Festival  

December 2014
A Hostile Holiday (original production)

April 2015
The Shine Plays

Season Nine
August 2015
The New Play Festival

December 2015
Naughty but Nice (original production)

February 2016
Her Stories (adaptation)

May 2016

Season Ten
August 2016
The Colored Museum

December 2016
Naughty but Nice (original production)

February 2017
Her Stories (adaptation)

April 2017
The Trinity River Plays


Season Eleven
August 2017
New Play Festival: South Side Stories

December 2017
Re-Tales (original production)

February 2018
Yellowman (Southwest Premiere)

April 2018
Steal Away

May 2018
The Freedmans (Elevator Project)

June 2018
The Monarch (World Premiere)

Season Twelve
November 2018
Single Black Female (regional premiere)

December 2019
The Snowy Day (Regional premiere and co-production with Dallas Children’s Theater)

February 2019
Bourbon at the Border (regional premiere)

May 2019
Hurt Village (regional premiere)